Driving a Success Story – Brandix Sep09


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Driving a Success Story – Brandix

Driving a Success Story

The flagship ‘Green’ SBU, Brandix Finishing, has invested considerably in waste management and good environmental practices. It is the first company in Sri Lanka to achieve ‘Deep Green Light’ status, the highest rating from the Gap 2005 Global Water Program for meeting global water quality guidelines, for vendor laundries. It also won the 2005 Community Leader Silver Award in 2005 for Waste Minimisation Practices, President’s Environment Award in 2005 for Industrial Environmental Excellence and certified for ISO 14001:2004.

Some of the Brandix Finishing initiatives included wastewater treatment, stringent practice of CPT, installation of a Reverse Osmosis Plant, minimising water waste during production, installation of a cyclone collector, dust bag filter systems and fume extraction systems, eliminating dye reprocessing, solid waste disposal through re-use or recycling and implementing the Green Productivity Strategy